Winter Workout Tips

Winter Workout Tips

It can be tough to get motivated to exercise in the winter. The shorter days, cold temperatures, and rain and snow aren’t very appealing. We know that a comfy couch, warm blanket, and Netflix is hard to resist! But, winter workout routines have so many benefits and are worth the effort. A winter workout will keep you active and ensure you stay motivated when the warmer weather arrives in spring.

Don’t stress about your winter exercise routine because we’re here with five great resources to make winter workouts realistic and fun.

Create Consistency with Fitness Centers

Setting a consistent and recurring schedule will keep you motivated and ensure that winter workouts become part of your routine. One of the easiest ways to stay active is super convenient and just a short walk from your apartment. All our apartment communities feature state-of-the-art Fitness Centers or our Adrenaline Cardio and Strength Studios. Enjoy a wide array of equipment that allows you to exercise at your pace. Plus, many of our communities feature fitness on-demand so you can take virtual fitness classes on your schedule. Don’t forget to use our online amenity reservation system to book your time.

Get Outside

Even though it’s cold, there are usually many sunny days in February and March. Bundle up with a couple layers of clothes and go for a walk outside. Our communities feature walking trails and beautiful natural settings, so you don’t have to venture far to enjoy some sun and experience nature. If you’re working from home, consider incorporating a walk into your lunch break. Getting outside also offers mental health benefits, such as allowing you to clear your mind.

Use Simple At-Home Workouts

In addition to using the Fitness Center at your apartment community, there are a number of simple and fantastic exercises you can do from the comfort of your apartment home without needing special equipment. You can use what you’ve got in your apartment. Check out this blog post with six home workouts.

Take the Stairs

A simple change that can have a big impact on your daily habit is choosing to take the stairs whenever possible. The extra movement will keep your muscles working. Plus, stair climbing is an awesome workout that burns fat and helps your heart.

Get an Exercise Partner

Accountability is a key component of successful exercise routines. We love this recommendation from the Today Show about seeking out an exercise partner or group. These exercise buddies can provide social support as well. With social distancing, you can even create a virtual exercise group. Keep tabs on one another and plan video workouts together.

We believe it’s how you live that matters. These winter workout tips can help you develop an effective exercise routine for the next few months.