What Are Your Pet Policies And Fees?

What Are Your Pet Policies And Fees?

Pets bring so much joy into our lives! They brighten our day, make us smile when we need it and keep us playful. As all pet owners know, they also require lots of attention and care. We’re responsible for our pets and ensuring they are healthy and happy.

Finding the right place to call home is as important for our pets as it is for us. If you have a pet and are searching for apartments for rent, understanding a community’s pet policies is crucial. It’s more than dog parks and walking trails. Is an apartment community truly pet friendly? What restrictions are in place? Are there additional fees for pet owners?

We’re here to help answer these questions! Our team has collected some of the most frequently asked questions from folks looking for apartments for rent. This blog post is the third in a recurring series that takes a closer look at common questions when renting an apartment. In case you missed it, check out the first two blog posts in this series, which explored renters insurance and preparing for hurricanes.

What Are Pet Fees?

Pet fees can vary from one apartment community to the next. Generally, pet fees are additional charges that pet owners pay to ensure a comfortable environment for their pets. These fees can come in different forms and it’s important to ask for details on specific fees. Most apartment communities will charge a one-time, non-refundable pet fee when you move in. Many communities also charge a nominal fee for animal rent per month. Typical animal rent fees range from $10 – $25 per month. If you have multiple pets, be sure to ask if pet fees cover all your pets or if you are required to pay the fees per animal. At HHHunt Apartment Living communities, residents are only required to pay one pet fee and animal rent per apartment, not per pet.

Why Do We Pay Them?

We are often asked why pet fees are necessary and what they cover. Pet fees and pet rent ensure a comfortable home for you, your pets and others in the community. Non-refundable pet fees are used to cover damage caused by pets in an apartment or the broader community. As all pet owners know, pets can create messes big and small. Additional cleaning is required for apartment homes after a pet has lived there.

A portion of pet fees and monthly pet rent is used to support pet amenities at the community as well. From bark parks to dog spas and more, these features ensure that apartment communities offer special places just for pets. After all, they deserve all the love!

What Other Pet Policies Are Important?

When considering an apartment community to call home with your pets, make sure to ask about other pet policies. Pet fees are an important calculation, but don’t overlook other areas. For example, does the community have restrictions on the number of pets allowed in an apartment home? Are there breed restrictions in place? These policies can be a deal-breaker if they exclude your pet. All HHHunt Apartment Living communities allow up to three pets, including two dogs maximum, per apartment. Additionally, our apartment communities don’t have any breed restrictions. These policies help to ensure that our communities are as pet friendly as possible because as seen in this video, we love pets!

Finally, consider the pet amenities at the community. Dog parks, walking trails, green spaces, pet spas, and other amenities should factor into your decision. Of course, it’s always good to ask the leasing team about how many pets are at the community and gauge if they seem excited about pets.

At HHHunt, we believe it’s how you live that matters. That includes making sure you have all the information you need to make a good decision when it comes to renting an apartment. We hope this blog post is helpful. Stay tuned for future posts that answer other common questions.

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