We Love Our Residents!

We Love Our Residents!

As we’ve all heard and experienced, we’re living in an unprecedented time filled with uncertainty. Despite those challenges, or perhaps because of them, we have an opportunity to truly reflect on what matters most. For the HHHunt Apartment Living team, it’s how much we love our residents!

Lance Goss, Vice President of HHHunt Apartment Living, shared this letter of appreciation on behalf of all our team members.

To Our Residents:

On behalf of all HHHunt Apartment Living team members, especially the team at your community, I hope this note finds you well. During difficult times, we often come together as communities to support and uplift one another. What makes these unprecedented times even more challenging is that we can’t come together in person, but rather strive to stay connected virtually.

As you continue to navigate new realities associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, know that our team is here to support you. We love our residents!

We’re honored that you have chosen to call our community your home. That trust is something we value dearly and we consider our residents to be an extension of our family.

One of the toughest realities for our teams is that we don’t get to see your friendly and smiling faces in the office or at in-person events. We have great pride in our events and spending time together as neighbors. We take comfort, though, in knowing that soon enough we’ll be back to sharing laughs and making memories together.

In the meantime, our community teams are working on ways to stay connected virtually, including through email, social media, and virtual events and contests. Stay tuned for more details from your community and always feel free to send us a photo or video to say hello. Of course, we’re always just a phone call away as well.

We appreciate you and love our residents! Our team is here for you and we’re excited for brighter days in the future when we can spend more time together.

Best regards,

Lance O. Goss

Vice President

HHHunt Apartment Living