Top Green Features in Our Communities

Top Green Features in Our Communities

Many apartment communities talk about going green and living green, but what does that really mean?

At HHHunt Apartment Living, we understand that it’s important to offer a wide array of green features for our residents. We want to empower them with tools to make environmentally conscious decisions, which benefits all of us.

We recently asked residents to share some of their favorite green amenities and want to highlight the top five features in this blog post.

Walking Trails and Paths

All our communities include walking trails, paths, and sidewalks. These amenities are a popular green feature that also encourages healthy living. These trails offer a wonderful way to explore our beautiful communities and their natural surroundings. It’s no surprise our residents love them!

Recycling Programs

Recycling has been a cornerstone strategy to reduce waste and help preserve our environment. It’s also a strategy that we prioritize. Our communities offer various types of recycling programs, from single stream recycling to recycling as part of the valet trash service.

Pocket Parks and Natural Settings

Among the most common feedback we receive from residents is how they appreciate the natural surroundings in our communities. Many of our communities also boast pocket parks and open green spaces that our residents can enjoy. Preserving these natural spaces is a priority for our teams.

Focus on Energy Savings

Green features aren’t just about supporting the environment and doing our part for the planet. That’s certainly a top consideration, but the fact is that many green features also help residents save money. For example, all our apartment homes have ADT smart home packages that allow residents to control, change, and set their thermostat remotely. Many residents have reported that they’ve been able to reduce their energy usage, helping the environment and their bottom line, thanks to this new tool.

Car Charging Stations

Select HHHunt Apartment Living communities include car charging stations for residents with electric vehicles. These stations provide added convenience for those residents with electric cars. As our society shifts toward more electric and shared vehicles, HHHunt will continue to be forward thinking and adjust our community amenities as needed.

We believe it’s how you live that matters, which is why our communities offer a variety of green features for our residents. HHHunt Apartment Living remains committed to providing exceptional service, convenience, and doing our part to support the environment.