Top 5 Spring Decor Tips

Top 5 Spring Decor Tips

Longer days, warmer temperatures, and blooming flowers are all indications that Spring is here! That means it’s time to focus on spring decor too. As we covered in a recent blog post, there are so many reasons to love Spring. This season is a great time to refresh your apartment home as well.

Spring decor offers lots of fun options to bring light, airy, and colorful decorating to your apartment. We’ve got five great spring decor tips to help make your apartment home look and feel like Spring.

Pastel Hues

Spring is all about light and airy colors, which is why pastels are perfect. Replace those darker and winter-focused accessories with peach, soft pink, lemon, robin egg blue, and other pastels. Good Housekeeping has helpful recommendations for Spring pastels. Adding these touches of color to your apartment will make it feel like you’ve brought those Springtime vibes inside.

Floral Inspirations

When we think of Spring, flowers come to mind immediately. Of course, it’s great to add fresh flowers and plants to your apartment. Another top spring decor tip, from House Beautiful, is to gather inspiration from flowers. Add floral accents and consider drawing on the vibrant and varied colors of Spring.

Don’t Forget the Door

It’s important to focus on refreshing your apartment home, but don’t forget about your door. Bring Spring to your apartment from the moment you walk up to the door with a festive or colorful wreath. Door wreaths can serve as a warm welcome to your home and are easy to swap out as the seasons change. Look for or create a wreath that highlights Springtime colors and flowers.

spring decorSwap Out Pillows and Candles

Incorporating Spring decor to your apartment home doesn’t have to take a lot of work. Simple changes can make a big difference. The Spruce has some great ideas for easy and quick updates to refresh your space for Spring. Two of our favorite suggestions are to switch out throw pillows and blankets and swap out candles.

Pops of Color and Greenery Outside

Just like your front door, we don’t want to forget about the patio or balcony space. All apartments in our communities include a balcony or patio. As the temperatures warm up, we’ll all be spending more time in these spaces, so let’s make them feel like Spring. Add pops of color with outdoor pillows or rugs. Consider potted plants or a balcony garden to bring greenery and a beautiful setting to your balcony or patio as well.

At HHHunt Apartment Living, we believe it’s how you live that matters. Decorating your apartment for Spring is a great way to bring some joy and a refreshed look to your home. What are some of your favorite Spring decor tips? Share them with us on your community’s Facebook page. We’d love to hear!