Summer Safety Tips For Pet Owners

Summer Safety Tips For Pet Owners

There’s a lot to love about summer! Who doesn’t enjoy the long days and sunshine? Although summer brings many benefits, the high temperatures can be dangerous to people and pets alike. Pets, in particular, can be susceptible to the heat and need extra attention during the summer months. We understand that pets are a part of our families, and we believe it’s important to share helpful resources to keep them safe this summer. Check out our top five summer safety tips for pets!

Water. Water. Water.

Just like humans, it’s vital for pets to stay hydrated when the temperatures climb. In fact, pets get dehydrated even more quickly than humans, so be sure to keep lots of fresh and clean water around for your pets. ASPCA has a great guide to keep pets safe in summer.

 Avoid Burnt Paws

Another inevitability of summer is hot pavement. Many of us have walked around barefoot outside or at the pool and are forced to run because the concrete or pavement is so hot. Those surfaces can hurt our pets as well. Dogs and cats both have sensitive paw pads that can burn easily. They also heat up more quickly because they’re closer to the ground. Be mindful of your pets’ paws on hot surfaces.

 Keep Cool

If you want to spend time outside with your pets during the summer, make sure to find a shaded spot for your pets to relax. You also can help your pet stay cool by keeping them in air-conditioned spaces. Another great way to keep pets comfortable is by giving them a cool bath. reminds us to use lukewarm or cool water, never cold. Don’t use ice cubes to cool down the water, or it will become too cold. When water is cold, it can cause a new set of temperature-related issues. Some of our apartment communities include pet spas with a pet washing station, a perfect spot for a refreshing bath. Learn more about our most popular pet amenities.

 Allow Exercise for Morning and Night

Many of us have pets with lots of energy, and we like to play with them outdoors. We can still have fun with our pets but need to consider when we go out. During warmer months, shift your schedule to emphasize exercise during the morning or evening hours when temperatures aren’t as hot. The dog parks and walking trails in our communities are great places to exercise with your pets.

 Do NOT Leave Pets Unsupervised

Summer also means you need to keep a closer eye on your pets. Most importantly, as the Humane Society notes, don’t leave your pets unattended in a parked car during the summer. Not even for a minute. Temperatures rise rapidly in cars, even if the windows are cracked or fully open. Don’t risk your pet’s health by leaving them unsupervised.

All HHHunt Apartment Living communities are pet friendly with zero breed restrictions. Why? Because we love pets! Of course, no matter what time of year, pet owners should make sure they always clean up after their four-legged friends.

We hope these summer safety tips are helpful. Here’s to a great summer with your pets!