Our Customer Focused Promise for 2021

Our Customer Focused Promise for 2021

Happy New Year from all of us at HHHunt Apartment Living! The beginning of a new year is an ideal time to reflect on what this fresh start will bring and what matters most. For our team, that’s our promise to remain Customer Focused in 2021.

As part of HHHunt Corporation, we share four brand promises, including the promise to be Customer Focused. That promise means that our team is focused on creating meaningful experiences for every customer. Whether you’re a current resident at one of our communities or searching for a new apartment home, our team members will be honest and respectful, seek feedback, and exceed your expectations.

What does this promise look like in 2021?

We’d like to share three examples that highlight our ongoing commitment to be customer focused now and throughout the year ahead.

Continued Investment in New Technology

Our focus on our current and future residents revolves around identifying ways to improve their lives. We made great strides in 2020 with the introduction of smart home technology in all our apartment communities. This smart home technology has been a game changer and well received by residents. We partnered with ADT to deliver technology allows our residents to personalize their apartments’ features to their exact specifications, including settings for lighting, temperature, and more. These smart home hubs also resulted in quicker responses for maintenance requests and ensured residents can control most settings from anywhere. We’ll continue to invest in this technology and other tools in all our communities in 2021.

Putting Residents First

Our promise to be Customer Focused also highlights the many ways in which our teams strive to put our current and potential residents first. We’re honored that so many people choose to call an HHHunt Apartment Living community home. We take that trust seriously and work diligently to meet the needs of our residents. That’s why we launched a new online amenity reservation system. This system ensures as many residents as possible can enjoy the incredible amenities at our communities in a safe manner. This booking system is set for the maximum number of people at one time allowed to use an amenity in compliance with state regulations applicable to each apartment community. This online amenity reservation system is easy to use and convenient. For potential residents, we have multiple ways to tour our apartment homes so that they are as comfortable as possible. If you’re searching for an apartment home, you can experience one of our amazing apartments via a personalized tour, virtual tour, or self-guided tour.

Responsive to Feedback

Our commitment to our residents also means that we consistently seek feedback and are responsive to that feedback. We constantly work to deliver exceptional service. Fortunately, we often hear how much our residents love living at our communities! We also get great ideas from feedback. For example, many residents missed participating in large community events. We missed seeing them too! Although we hope that we can all gather together in 2021, our teams heard the feedback and launched a series of virtual events for residents. Ranging from virtual paint nights and photo contests to community scavenger hunts and Facebook bingo, these virtual events will continue until we can all get together again.

We believe it’s how you live that matters. Our brand promise to be Customer Focused is at the heart of that philosophy because it underscores our crucial role serving our current and future residents. Our team works diligently to provide superb customer service and support. We’re here for you and have renewed our commitment to our residents in 2021!