Off Campus Apartment Search Tips

Off Campus Apartment Search Tips

Where you to choose to live while in college can have a huge impact on your academic results and overall experience. Just think about it. Your dorm room or off campus apartment is where you will rest, study, decompress, and spend time with friends. For those students looking for off campus housing options, finding the right apartment is important.

HHHunt Apartment Living has been building and managing apartment communities for over 50 years. From our very first apartment communities to our newest developments, we’ve prioritized the needs of students at all levels of higher education, including undergraduate, graduate, medical school, and more.

As you’re searching for your perfect off campus apartment, keep in mind these five search tips:


The first question you should ask about any potential apartment community is how close and convenient it is to campus. How far a drive would you have to make? Do university shuttles or public transportation provide service between the apartment community and campus? Location and transportation will impact your life daily, so make this a priority in your search. As you consider location, don’t forget about convenience. For example, one apartment community might be closer to campus by mileage, but if you’re fighting lots of traffic and congestion the entire way, it might actually take longer to reach campus than other options. So, don’t just look at distance Take a test drive or a test ride on public transportation to gauge your real travel time.


Roommates remain a key part of the college experience. Not only do they offer a great way to build friendships, but roommates can make your housing much more affordable because you can split the cost with others. Don’t make assumptions about rules pertaining to roommates. Ask all the apartment communities you’re considering. Inquire about any roommate rules or restrictions and ask how many people can live in an apartment. Many communities have policies around the number of residents permitted in an apartment and it’s best to check early in the process.

off campus apartmentPrivacy

Although roommates can be great, it’s also important to have privacy and your space. When searching for an off campus apartment, closely examine the available floor plans. For example, in a two-bedroom apartment, where are the bedrooms located? For privacy, consider floor plans with bedrooms on opposite sides of the apartment or separated by another room. For more roommate tips, check out this blog post.

Virtual Tours

Many students, especially at the graduate level, will travel to a new city or state to attend school. This distance can make touring an off campus apartment challenging, Almost all apartment communities have websites and lots of photos to review, but don’t stop there. Look for communities that offer virtual and video tours. These videos will give you a much better sense of an apartment. Also, ask if a leasing consultant can provide a personalized virtual tour. You can use your cell phone to video chat and see an apartment in real time. These virtual tours should be an important factor in your decision-making process. HHHunt Apartment Living now offers virtual tours at all our apartment communities.


Finally, don’t forget about the available amenities at the off campus apartment communities you’re considering. The apartment home itself, the community’s location, and lease terms are all top priorities. However, this is a place you’ll call home for at least a year and possibly longer. You’ll want to look forward to going home. Make a list of amenities that matter to you. Some might be about relaxing (i.e., a pool or walking trails) and some could be about saving money (i.e., use your community’s fitness center rather than needing a gym membership). Ultimately, amenities will help you feel more comfortable and give you a sense of community.

If you’re looking for an off campus apartment, visit our website to search our apartment living communities. Some communities, such as Foxridge in Blacksburg, VA, is geared specifically to students while others, such as Abberly Village in West Columbia, SC, enjoy close proximity to colleges and universities.

We believe it’s how you live that matters and finding the best off campus apartment for your needs is a crucial decision that will help shape your college or graduate school experience.