Love South Carolina Coastal Living

Love South Carolina Coastal Living

South Carolina’s coast is truly stunning and a special place. From its natural setting to the history to the friendly atmosphere, there’s so much to love! South Carolina coastal living is unique for many reasons and varies depending on where you are in the state. We’re proud to have four apartment living communities along, or very close to, the South Carolina coast.

Abberly Crossing and Abberly West Ashley are located in the Charleston area, offering access to that city’s incredible food, entertainment, history, and beaches. Abberly Chase in Hardeeville is close to Hilton Head Island and Abberly Pointe in Beaufort is in the heart of the Sea Islands.

Each community has a distinctive lifestyle, although all are unified in their philosophy that it’s how you live that matters.

With all the reasons to enjoy South Carolina coastal living, we’ve shared the top three things we love!


South Carolina’s coastal region typically ranks high in quality of life scores and boasts a great many livable communities. The area is often recognized for its mild climate, especially in the winter, and its friendliness. The adage about southern hospitality is alive and well in these coastal communities.


In addition to livability, South Carolina coastal living can be attainable for many. The area’s affordability index is high. Plus, the cost of living in South Carolina is lower than the national average, according to a number of studies.


There’s no denying the breathtaking beauty along South Carolina’s coast. The sunrises and sunsets alone might be worth the move! Of course, South Carolina coastal living means that you’ll be close to the beach. If you’re a beach lover, you’ll be hooked! It’s not just about the beaches, though. Enjoy beautiful parks, mature trees, idyllic water ways, and more. You can enjoy many of these scenes by just meandering along the walking trails at our apartment communities located in the South Carolina coastal region.

If you’re searching for stunning natural beauty, a friendly atmosphere, and quality of life, consider South Carolina coastal living. Looking for more info? Check out these fun and helpful South Carolina facts from Smart Asset. You can always contact one of our apartment communities – Abberly Chase, Abberly Crossing, Abberly Pointe, and Abberly West Ashley – to learn more about them and the broader communities they call home.