How To Prepare Your Apartment For Hurricane Season

How To Prepare Your Apartment For Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is here and runs through November 30th. Many of our communities in South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland faced their first brush with a tropical system earlier this month. Fortunately, the storm didn’t create extensive havoc or damage for our residents.

There are still many months remaining of the Atlantic hurricane season, and it’s important to prepare in advance for potential storms. Our teams often get questions from residents about how best to plan for a hurricane or other types of dangerous weather. This blog post is the second in a recurring series that takes a closer look at common questions related to living in an apartment. Check out our most recent post in the series about renters insurance.

This week, our team has helpful tips on how you can prepare your apartment if a hurricane or other tropical storm is forecast in your area.

How We Prepare for Hurricanes

All HHHunt Apartment Living communities have extensive plans in the event of a hurricane or tropical storm. For example, our service teams drain the community pools at least a foot to reduce potential flooding. We also remove or tie down any outdoor furniture or other items that could be blown by high winds. Our teams conduct community inspections as soon as a storm has passed once it is safe to be outside again.

Our office team members work diligently to keep residents updated before and after a hurricane or other tropical storm has passed through the community. For us, it’s all about being prepared and thorough.

What To Do

When there is a threat of a hurricane or other tropical storm, residents can take crucial steps to protect their apartment home and belongings. We recommend the following:

  • Remove all items that can be blown away from your patio or balcony.
  • Cover and tie down heavy patio/balcony furniture or move the furniture inside your apartment.
  • Ensure you have extra batteries, flashlights and water.
  • Fully charge your phone and other electronic devices before a storm.
  • Report leaks as soon as you see them. Our service teams will respond to maintenance requests as quickly as possible after a hurricane or other tropical system has passed the community and it’s safe for them to be outside.
  • Check your renters and auto insurance policies to make sure they are updated and current.

What Not To Do 

It’s important to highlight some items that we strongly encourage residents to avoid when a hurricane or other tropical system is impacting our communities:

  • Don’t leave anything outside your apartment home that could blow away, including items on your patio, balcony or the area around your front door.
  • Stay inside. Don’t leave your apartment or venture out during the storm. Remain inside until the storm is over and it’s safe to go out again.
  • Generators aren’t allowed. Generators are prohibited at all our communities, so please don’t place a generator on your patio or balcony. Generators pose significant fire risk and can lead to other health hazards.

For more tips and useful information on how to prepare for tropical systems, check out the hurricane resource page from, the United States federal government’s disaster and emergency preparedness website.

At HHHunt, we believe it’s how you live that matters. That includes making sure you have the tools to prepare your apartment home for a wide array of scenarios, including hurricane season. We want you to feel empowered through updates and resources. Stay tuned for future posts that answer other common apartment questions.

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