Holiday Décor Tips for Your Apartment

Holiday Décor Tips for Your Apartment

The holiday season is here! With Thanksgiving last week and December beginning this week, the holidays are in full swing. More than any other year in recent memory, we could all use an extra dose of the holiday spirit! Have you begun to decorate your apartment? Or are you searching for some holiday inspiration? Either way, we’ve got you covered with our top holiday décor tips.

These five tips will help you transform your apartment and make it feel festive.

Lots of Layers

Make your apartment festive and extra cozy by adding layers to your décor. Use wintry textures and colors to dress up your tables, bookshelves, and chairs or couches. HGTV has a over 35 decorating ideas, including ideas on how to add layers.

Poinsettias to the Rescue

Sometimes the best option is the simplest. That’s why we love this recommendation from Elle Décor to focus on poinsettias. They bring lots of holiday cheer to a space and can work almost anywhere in your apartment. Simple and beautiful… a great combination!

Go Old School

If you’re looking for some classy holiday décor ideas, Architectural Digest’s Clever blog has a great list of “not-cheesy” holiday decorating tips for apartment homes. Our favorite idea has to be the old-school orange clove pomanders. They are easy to make, fragrant, and festive. Add a powerful pop of citrus to your holiday décor! Plus, they make fun gifts.

Wreaths for the Win

It’s hard to image the holiday season without wreaths. They’re an easy way to add color, vibrancy, and charm to your apartment. Wreaths are low maintenance, which is great. Whether you go simple or over the top with wreaths, incorporate a few in your apartment to add holiday vibes.

Festive Centerpieces

The holidays are a perfect time to have some more fun and get creative with your décor. We love this list of easy holiday decorating ideas that takes five minutes or less from Real Simple. Centerpieces are a great way to get festive. Consider filling glass vases that vary in size with pinecones. You could even spray-paint them silver or gold for an extra touch.

We believe it’s how you live that matters. That’s why we like to share tips and recommendations to help ensure that you enjoy the holiday season. Happy Holidays!