Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats

Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats

Valentine’s Day is almost here and we’re always looking for new ways to show friends, family, and neighbors how much we love them. We’re all about homemade treats this year.

What’s better than a special snack or dessert to celebrate Valentine’s Day? A treat that has a healthy twist!

We’re excited to share four of our favorite Valentine’s Day recipes that are a healthy alternative to traditional treats. We hope you try them and enjoy!

Chocolate-Dipped Clementines

Chocolate and fruit… need we say more? This simple and tasty recipe from the Food Network uses dark chocolate and sea salt to kick up the flavor. The clementine’s citrus punch and small segments make them ideal as a special snack.

Valentine Fruit Wands

Perfect for kids, this recipe from A Few Shortcuts uses a small heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut out watermelon pieces and combine them with strawberries. Healthy and sweet; talk about a great combination!

Strawberry Frozen Greek Yogurt Bites

Sticking with the fruit theme, we can’t get enough of these frozen Greek yogurt bites from Two Healthy Kitchens. A triple threat, they’re delicious, healthy, and quick to make. Using a small heart mold adds the perfect Valentine’s touch.

Valentine Overnight Oats 

Start off Valentine’s Day with a tasty breakfast of overnight oats and raspberry jam. This recipe from Born to Sweat is healthy, filling, naturally sweet, and easy to make. It’s a great treat for anyone and the perfect way to surprise a loved one when they wake up on Valentine’s Day.