Four Tips for Summer Wellness

Four Tips for Summer Wellness

The summer season unofficially kicked off with the recent Memorial Day holiday! Although this summer may be different from many others, you can still have fun and enjoy the season. Making some minor adjustments, especially for social distancing, will allow you to maintain a summer wellness routine and make the most of these sunny days.

Whether you’re not sure where to start or just need some inspiration, we’re here to help with our top four summer wellness tips!

Get Active Outdoors

 Longer days with warmer weather and lots of sunshine is the perfect recipe for staying active outdoors. Get some fresh air and a change of scenery to keep you motivated. What’s great about being active outdoors is that your can tailor your activity to what’s best for you. If you’re just starting out, consider walks on walking trails or hikes. Bike rides and laps in the pool are great exercise options that are low impact. Intensity levels can be adjusted for beginner, intermediate, or advanced exercises as well. Consider long runs or outdoor weightlifting and cross training. Getting active outdoors will be even more important this summer because it’s easier to follow social distancing guidelines outside.

Stay Hydrated

Although the warm weather is great for getting outdoors, you need to remember to stay hydrated! According to Fitness and Wellness News, a good rule of thumb is to take a water break every 20 minutes while active outdoors. The American College of Sports Medicine and Cleveland Clinic recommend drinking at least 16 – 20 ounces of fluid an hour or two before outdoor activity, another 6 – 12 ounces during each water break while outside, and finally 16 – 24 ounces once you get back inside. That might seem like a lot, but it’s vital to rehydrate properly so you can enjoy all the summer fun.

Eat Light

Summer is such a great season because there are so many fresh fruits and veggies available. Take advantage of all that fresh produce! In addition to staying active and hydrated, eating light will prevent you from feeling sluggish in the heat. Avoid lots of heavy foods in summer and opt for lighter fare, including salads, grilled fish and chicken, and all those delicious fruits and vegetables. Plus, there are other benefits to eating light. Experts have found that avoiding too many carbs and sugar can help you sleep better.

Practice Mindfulness

We’re almost halfway through the year and 2020 has been unprecedented in many ways. The pandemic is increasing anxiety for many and for good reason. However, there are simple steps you can take this summer to help. Consider practicing mindfulness on a consistent basis. We shared mindfulness tips earlier in the year and they’re still relevant today. Have you practiced mindfulness yet? If not, make it a summer goal. If you have, keep going! Reducing your anxiety and relaxing more will be sure to help you enjoy summer.

We believe it’s how you live that matters and hope that these summer wellness tips help you have a great summer!