Celebrate Labor Day in Style

Celebrate Labor Day in Style

The unofficial end of summer arrives this weekend as we celebrate Labor Day. Sure, the holiday might be a bit different this year, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

Whether virtually or socially distanced, you can still mark the end of summer with friends, family, and neighbors.

Socially Distanced Activities

Like most of 2020, this Labor Day is going to be a bit more different than usual. Martha Stewart has some great ideas that can be appropriately social distanced. Options include gathering virtually, a trip to the beach (remember to spread out), a cookout, and a movie night (virtual or in the backyard). 


It might be the unofficial end of summer, but it’s still hot outside. Consider the temperature when planning your Labor Day festivities. Ideal times include morning (think brunch!) or later afternoon and evening. These are all times when the sun and heat won’t be stifling.


Food is a big part of any celebration and summer offers so much fresh and tasty treats. When planning your event, we love the menu inspiration from Punchbowl. The key is to keep it simple, seasonal, and light.

Seasonal Décor

To really make your Labor Day celebration special, consider fun decorations that highlight summer. Add pops of red, white, and blue with flowers, wreaths, and even napkins. Festive décor adds a fun touch to any occasion.

Regardless of your Labor Day celebrations, we hope you can find time during the long weekend to relax, recharge, and reconnect. Whatever you do, please be sure to follow local guidelines related to gatherings and social distancing.

We believe it’s how you live that matters. Marking the end of summer should be a reason to have fun and celebrate. We hope you have a great Labor Day weekend!