Brighten Your Apartment With Spring Flowers

Brighten Your Apartment With Spring Flowers

What feels welcoming and bright upon walking into your home? Spring flowers! They are a beautiful addition to any apartment and help bring natural elements inside. After a long winter, there’s nothing quite like fresh flowers and greenery to lift your spirits!

In fact, recent studies found that having flowers and other bright foliage in your home reduces stress and boosts your mood.

We believe it’s how you live that matters, and that’s why we want to share resources that can help brighten up your apartment home and positively impact your wellness.

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate spring flowers in your apartment, we’ve got three tips for you:

1. Mix It Up

The flowers and plants you select for your apartment should make you smile. First and foremost, choose flowers you like. HGTV has a great guide on using fresh-cut flowers to brighten up any space. They’re certainly beautiful, but fresh-cut flowers must be replaced frequently. Alternatively, potted plants are easier to maintain long-term. We recommend mixing it up and using a combination of potted and fresh flowers. Don’t be afraid to put flowers and other greenery in as many rooms as you want.

2. Low-Maintenance Options

Perhaps you like the idea of adding flowers and greenery to your apartment home but are worried about keeping them alive. Don’t fret! There’s a great solution: succulents. These beautiful and exotic-looking plants require very little care and bring so much character to a room. Better Homes & Gardens has an awesome succulent guide to help you find the best plant for your home.

3. Container Gardens

Another great way to incorporate flowers in your apartment is through container gardens. They can bring in so much life and are easy to maintain. Check out this recent blog post about container gardens and our helpful video on how to grow herbs in your apartment.

We hope that you find these tips helpful and will bring some natural color into your apartment home.  Let us see how you have decorated with flowers, greenery, and plants.  Share your creations using the hashtag #HowYouLive.