Apartment Innovations Add Convenience

Apartment Innovations Add Convenience

This year has certainly brought more than its fair share of anxiety and uncertainty, but for residents in our Apartment Living communities new technological tools have resulted in great new features. A number of apartment innovations in 2020 added convenience and peace of mind for residents.

Let’s take a look at three apartment innovations that highlight our commitment to focusing on our residents and improving their lifestyle because we believe it’s how you live that matters.

Smart Home Technology

As we announced in August, HHHunt Apartment Living is proud to have partnered with ADT, a leading provider of security and smart home technology services in the United States, to introduce a new smart home technology package in over 7,700 of our apartment homes. This new package will allow our residents to personalize their apartments’ features to their exact specifications. Among the many benefits for residents in the ability to create specific “scenes.” Scenes are pre-programmed settings for lighting, temperature, and more that allow you to customize your comfort settings.

These new smart home hubs have also resulted in quicker responses for maintenance requests and ensure residents can control most settings from anywhere. It’s no surprise that these new smart home tools have been embraced by so many residents and become popular features in our apartment homes.

Online Amenity Reservation System

In order to allow as many residents as possible to enjoy our communities’ various amenities and follow local guidance for social distancing, our teams developed another apartment innovation: an online amenity reservation system. This system is accessible on each community’s website under the “Residents” tab. To reserve an amenity, residents simply need to select the amenity and click on the available/open times to book it. They also receive an email confirmation to ensure their space is confirmed.

This booking system is set for the maximum number of people at one time allowed to use an amenity in compliance with state regulations applicable to each apartment community. This online amenity reservation system is easy to use and super convenient. It’s an ideal solution because it ensures that residents can maximize the use of each community’s stunning amenities and that everyone has an opportunity to enjoy those amenities.

Virtual Events

Among the most difficult aspects of life during a pandemic is that we all had to reimagine large gatherings and events. Our teams love organizing resident events and our residents often share that these programs are one of the things they love most about calling an HHHunt Apartment Living community home. They bring us together and foster friendships.

Although we can’t all gather together right now, a number of our teams have found innovative ways to connect with our residents. Among some of the virtual events our communities have held include:

  • Virtual Paint Nights
  • Pumpkin Carving Contests
  • Pet Photo Contests
  • Community Scavenger Hunts
  • Facebook Bingo
  • Carmel Apple Kits
  • Cupcake Decorating Kits

As a forward-looking company, our team is constantly exploring and evaluating new tools and features to benefit our residents. As the apartment innovations highlight above demonstrate, 2020 was a banner year for new technology at our communities. Stay tuned for even more exciting developments in 2021!