A Special Thanksgiving Message

A Special Thanksgiving Message

As we prepare to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday this week, it’s important to take some time to reflect and express gratitude. Showing appreciation for others is especially meaningful during difficult times and 2020 has been challenging for everyone.

We offer our gratitude to many of the people who we love and appreciate!

Our Residents

Our appreciation always begins with our residents! Thank you for choosing to call an HHHunt Apartment Living community your home. We are grateful for the trust you place in our team. We love serving our residents and never forget that they are the heart of our communities. As we mentioned earlier this year in this blog post, “We’re honored that you have chosen to call our community your home.”

Our Teams 

Our incredible teams inspire us daily. Even during a pandemic, they continue to deliver exceptional service to our residents each and every day. Their dedication is amazing and our teams are most often cited by our residents for why they love living at our communities. Our team deserves a huge shout out for their tireless efforts! It’s one of the reasons we had so much fun celebrating them in September. Thank you for all you do!

Our Communities

We recently highlighted that many of our Apartment Living communities are in cities and regions that are consistently ranked as the Best Places to Live in the country. From Maryland and Virginia to North Carolina and South Carolina, we truly love ALL the areas where our communities are located. They’re amazing and dynamic regions that make it easy to love living there. It’s one of the reasons we our teams and residents give back to their local communities. We believe in serving as an engaged community partner and are proud of our local support. We demonstrate our gratitude to our local communities through these philanthropic efforts.

We encourage you to give thanks as well. Tell at least one person why you appreciate and love them. Tell them why you’re grateful they are in your life and then encourage them to pass a similar message along to someone else. We believe in the power that one person can have on our lives, so let’s all work together to spread messages of thanksgiving.

We hope that everyone can find joy in their Thanksgiving celebration. Happy Thanksgiving!