3 Spring Exercise Tips

3 Spring Exercise Tips

Spring is here and we can’t get enough of the warmer weather, longer days and floral bloom.  It is also a great time to shake off those cobwebs from your exercise plan and recommit to an active lifestyle. What does that lifestyle look like? It all depends on you and your goals.

Regardless of what active and healthier living means for you, we can all use a little help. That’s why we’re sharing our top three spring exercise tips to help you get motivated and stay engaged!

Get Motivated

The most difficult part can be starting up or switching up your winter routine. Especially given the effects of the pandemic over the past year, it can seem impossible to try something new. The TODAY Show has some great spring exercise tips.

First, identify the why. Staying active doesn’t have to be about losing weight. Maybe you want to feel better or have more energy? Maybe you want to be more active for someone else? Whatever the reason, finding that why is crucial. Begin with simple ways to be active every day and focus on what you like to do. Don’t start with the long run if that seems too overwhelming. Go for a walk around your apartment community and add a little distance every few days. Before you know it, you’ll be amazed at how far you’re going.

Stay Engaged

Once you’re motivated and back on track, it’s important to keep going. Sometimes we all get excited in the beginning of a new exercise routine and then start to fall off after a few weeks. Shape magazine offers a lot of helpful spring exercise tips for staying engaged. Some of our favorites include teaming up with someone else to keep you accountable and setting a realistic schedule. Don’t forget to put your schedule in a place you’ll see frequently or can get consistent reminders.

At Home Exercises for Everyone

One silver lining of the COVID pandemic is the realization of our shared resiliency. We adapted to being productive at home because we had to be.  A perfect example is finding convenient workouts we can do in our apartments with what we already have access to. That’s why we love these exercise tips from last year. They’re as relevant today as they were 12 months ago. From squats and push-ups to core exercises and lunges, there’s so much you can accomplish within your apartment. Among our favorite spring exercise tips, we recommend doing these at-home workouts a few times each week for 15 – 30-minutes to see results.

We believe it’s how you live that matters. Maintaining an active lifestyle is important for your mental, emotional and physical health. We hope these spring exercise tips are helpful and you can use them.


Remember, you get to define your success. Have fun and enjoy the spring and summer seasons!